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Why Versa Gripps Are One of the Greatest Training Innovations in the Industry!

Versa Gripps: An Absolute MUST Have

Pfau Fitness: Versa Gripps: An Absolute MUST Have: You are in the gym. You are all ramped up to do some heavy pulling. Heavy metal music is blasting on your IPOD and now it's time fo...

VooDoo Fit Reviews Versa Gripps!

Versa Gripps
Posted on January 8, 2012

It was about time to get a new set of lifting straps but I had been putting it off for a while until I worked out with my friend and saw his Versa Grips. They looked pretty cool and are lifting straps which also offer protection like a glove would.

Now I haven’t used gloves for a long time because they bother me and feel a little weird when lifting. They also smell and get nasty after a while. I thought to myself well they couldn’t be any worse then gloves so I ordered a pair of the Pro grips.

When I first used them I was a little worried because they were a bit stiff but decided that they would wear in after a couple of workouts.

After a couple of weeks using these grips I am thoroughly impressed; they are broken in and I use them for all of my workouts not just pulling like I would with a set of wrist straps.

I also like the fact that they are open and not restrictive on my hands like a set of gloves would be.

If you’re in the market for a new set of straps or gloves, take some time to check these out and decide if they would be a good fit for you. Don’t forget to take note of the sizes before ordering.

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I love working out, and I love working back, but today it was hard to get out of bed. I’m glad I did though, because I had a great workout and burned 758 calories (according to my heart rate monitor). Today I wore my favorite new grips that are awesome for pulling exercises- they’re called Versa Gripps and they are SO MUCH less cumbersome than traditional straps. I notice I can pull a little more weight with straps, but was put off by how much of a hassle they are to wrap around bars. Then I was introduced to Versa Gripps, and they are so much easier to use! I am still breaking them in but so far I give a favorable review!!

Versa Gripps Makes Reps Magazine Cover!

Versa Gripps is featured on the cover of January 2012 Reps Magazine, as worn by fitness model Brandon Myles White! Don't forget to pick-up your copy today!

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Versa Gripps Makes the Cover of Krave Fit Magazine's 06.11 Issue!

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Trove 26 Reviews Versa Gripps

Versa Gripps PRO

I recently invested a new set of grips from Versa Gripps, the PRO series. Today was the first day I had the chance to actually use them and I gotta say I'm more than impressed! They are very high quality, can be used as a replacement to straps and also can be used for pressing movements. The grips are very easy to use and unlike straps can be left on and not get in the way, even when they are not needed. This makes it easy to move from exercise with ease and not have to worry about taking them off between sets. I purchased them directly from the Versa Gripps website and they arrived to my house in just 4 days. They are at the higher end for price, about $55.00 to the door, but I really feel that after using them today they are going to be worth every penny. Overall, if you don't mind the price I highly recommend them.

Swoll Review on Versa Gripps

Versa Gripps Pro

Have you ever been lifting a large amount of weight, only to have your grip fail on the last few reps? We all have, but this is where Versa Gripps come in. They are a strap, glove, hook, and wrist support hybrid, and they eliminate your grip from the equatioin, allowing you to focus completely on the larger muscle group you are working on. However unlike straps which can be difficult to set up, Versa Gripps are self supporting and stand up in front of your hand, which makes it rather easy to wrap the front flap over/under the weight. And to top it all off they do not completely cover your hands, so there is no need to worry about sweat

Versa Gripps are made of an anti-bacterial, anti-microbial material. The material is reinforced and has a tacky hold, which prevents your hands from sliding all across the bar/dumbbell. The front flap is designed to cover the width of your hand a prevent callouses, but it isn’t “callous proof”; I’ve developed one or two new ones since I’ve had these, but that isn’t an issue for me. And if you get to that point where the weight is too much to handle even with the Gripps, the nice thing is you can just let go; there is no risk of injury by having to set the bar down and unhook.

I have been very satisfied with Versa Gripps for the few months that I have owned them. They did not take too long to get used to, they stay right where I hook them at, and they have helped add a significant amount of weight to most of my lifts. I say most of because although they can be used for both pull and push exercises, I mostly use them for pulling exercises because that’s where I find them to be most useful. And to give you an idea of how well they work, the first time I used them I was able to put an extra 30 pounds on my deadlift.

Versa Gripps come in three versions: The Pro, which I just reviewed, for 52.50. Classic, for 39.95. Or FIT/FIT Pink, for 52.50. Check them out here

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Hers and His: The Versa Gripps Difference!!! By Bodybuilder, Jada Kelly

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March 18th, 2011

Olympia Weekend is the highlight of the year for the bodybuilding community. It was a lot of fun for me again this year. Here’s a very quick recap of my weekend.

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I saw Joel Stubbs at the VersaGripps booth. He’s really hard to miss at six-feet-three or four and about 300 pounds. His overwhelming size is unreal. Mike Parker, the vice-president, was on hand at his booth again. I met him in 2004 at the Olympia Expo when I first tried out his VersaGripps. I was instantly “hooked” on his straps. I’ve had the same pair since then and even though that pair is still holding up just fine, I have been sweating in them a couple times per week, so it was time for a new pair. Mike’s a great guy with a great product. Many of my training buddies have purchased these straps and love them too. And if their straps are good enough for big Joel Stubbs, they’re good enough for me!

Incidentally, even though I was very tired from the drive back from Las Vegas on Sunday and the entire weekend’s schedule, I couldn’t wait to get to the gym and train. I got home at about 2:00 p.m. and I was training in the gym by 4:00 p.m. I mean, come on, it was back day and I had new straps to try out. I wasn’t going to wait. No way!



March 18th, 2011


By: Dave Samuel

Alright, it’s that time of year again; the Arnold Fitness Expo. I’ve lived in Columbus my whole life and have been attending for the last 22 years. Although the excitement of being teenager and seeing my first bodybuilder has long worn off I still am drawn to the event. Over the years this event has transformed from about a ¼ of the size it is with just a few events to the monster it is today. For instance 22 years ago you could walk through with your arms completely out and you wouldn’t touch anyone. You could actually have conversations at a normal decibel level. One thing that hasn’t changed is that the expo is still home for marketing new training gadgets and gizmos for strength training. As an infomercial junk this is my Nirvana.

This year I went to the Arnold with a slightly new agenda. Part of my trip was strictly business, reviewing different supplement companies and speaking with their management about sponsorship. The most enjoyable part of the trip, as always, remained the same; checking out the newest training tools. The only difference is that I’m going to share the experience with you, the reader, and hopefully show you something interesting along the way.


The first item I actually had owned in the past. Unfortunately, I had forgotten it at a hotel while out of town. The Versa Gripp is not your typical wrist strap. It gives you a much better grip than a standard wrist strap. It straps to the bar securely, but doesn’t tug on the wrist joint. These help a great deal and probably added about 5-10% on most of my pulling exercises. For instance in the week that I started using these again I hit a new PR on dead lifts.

Another advantage Versa Gripps have over regular wrist straps is that if you need to dump the bar the portion of the device that goes around the bar is shorter and doesn’t anchor you to the bar, so if you need to let go of a weight it’s much easier. The shorter strap also makes it easier to latch onto the bar quicker with out all of the fumbling you may do when you’re working intensely and trying to wrap a normal wrist strap to the bar.

They have several options available. They offer the Classic Series, which was the first pair that I owned. They retail for about $40.00. This wrap part of this model is a rubber type material. The next step up is the professional series and the Fit Series. Theses wraps have a tacky leather-like material instead of the rubber that the Classic Series uses. These wraps retail for about $52.50. The tacky material actually sticks to the bar and gives a slightly better hold. I ended up buying the Professional Series.

Versa Gripps also claim that the material they use is anti-bacterial. I don’t know how much of an issue this is, but with most cloth wrist straps that many of us use I can see how they would absorb sweat and dirt.

I have to say that I’m glad I opted for the more expensive model. Although it might not be a huge difference I really like the way the tacky material grips the bar. Although the extra grip may be the biggest advantage of this tool I am probably more of a fan because of the way that they don’t squeeze your wrists like regular wrist straps do. When I switched to these in the past I noticed less issues my carpal tunnel syndrome and lifting was much more comfortable.

The company also mentions how you can put the wrap portion in your palm and use it like a glove for pressing exercises. I have done it both ways, and although I prefer to use my bare hands I could see how people would like this option. To order the Versa Gripp go to www.versagripps.com

Now here is the junk version of this item. Without naming names several companies have come out with wrist straps that look similar. They have Velcro wrist straps and a cloth wrap. Here is the problem. The cloth strap will not give the same hold about the bar. In several of the versions the wrap is too long and does not evenly wrap around the bar, making a tight fit impossible. In these companies defense I don’t know if they came out before Versa Wrap or after so I can’t say they are copies. The bottom line is that although they may cost ½ the price of the Versa they are also about ½ as effective.

Reviewed in www.intensemuscle.com


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IFBB Pro, Joel Stubbs, to be at Versa Gripps Booth #415 at The Arnold Expo!

Joel Stubbs will be at the Versa Gripps Booth #415 at The Arnold Classic expo this Friday (1:00-2:00), Saturday (3:00-4:00) and Sunday (1:30-2:30). Stop by and meet him!

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Versa Gripps Makes The List!

Musclemag's December 2010 issue has just published their WISH LIST p. 196. Terrific gifts for the fitness enthusiast and those they love. No surprise there, Versa Gripps is on it!